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Collegium Musicum is a Music Agency, which specializes in classical music and invites into the world of exquisite art, proven for centuries, offering original concert programs that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Festivals, interactive events, professional music competitions and master classes of famous musicians and also the Orchestra! Our priority #1 – the classics that inspires.

Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2014 by the creators of Collegium Musicum art community conductor Ivan Ostapovych and a poet, Taras Demko.

Over these years, the orchestra has become known in Ukraine and abroad. It is a participant of prestigious music festivals and events. Collaborating with such renowned musicians as conductor Lev Marqiz, pianists Andrei Gavrilov, Anthony Baryshevskyy, Dmytro Choni, violinists Sergey Ostrovsky, Kirill Sharapov, Ihor Zavhorodniy, Orest Smovzh, cellist Denis Severin, singers Christian Hiltz, Richard Resch, Tetiana Zhuravel.
The orchestra repertoire includes music of different eras from Baroque to comtemporary.

Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra

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