Ovocutters Duo. Єдиний концерт у Львові



Ovocutters Duo.

Єдиний концерт у Львові Квиток



18 березня 2017 р. 
о 19:00


 Львівський органний зал
вул. C. Бандери, 8


60 – 100 грн
Квитки можна замовити за посиланням:
https://gastroli.ua та в усіх касах міста.

Несподіване поєднання двох клавішних інструментів – дует Ovocutters (Австрія) – запам’ятається Вам надовго!
Клавесиністка Соня Лейпольд та акордеоніст Крістоф Гофер приїдуть до Львова із єдиним концертом.

Їхній дует визнано культурним амбасадором Австрії 2016/17.

18 березня, у Львівському Органному залі Ovocutters Duo представлять неповторну програму, побудовану на класичній та ультрасучасній музиці:

Francis Poulenc (*1899 – 1936, Paris) Concert Champêtre (1927/28) 1. Allegro Molto (arr. for harpsichord & accordion)
Grzegorz Pieniek (*1982, Poland) „N.N“ (2017, first performance)
Dana Probst (*1961, Bukarest) „alegría“ (2016)
Carlos Seixas (1704,-1742 Portugal) Concierto g-minor
Marianne Auenbrugger (*1759 – 1782, Vienna) Sonata per il clavicembalo o fortepiano
Wolfgang Liebhart (*1958, Austria) „rev up“ (2016)
Antonio Soler (1729 – 1783, Spain) Concierto No. 6
Подія за підтримки OeAD у Львові.
 #CollegiumMusicum: відкривай класику!
Якщо у вас немає банківської карти чи ви не можете придбати квиток онлайн, для вас працює мережа кас – https://gastroli.ua/network.
Понад 25 квиткових кас у Львові для вашої зручності.

Christoph Hofer – Accordion

(*1974 in Villach,Austria) studied instrumental pedagogy at the Carinthian Conservatory with Mika Vayrynen and Roman Pechmann. He also studied at the Graz University of Music with James Crabb and Geir Draugsvoll. His instrumental education was complemented by studies at the Academy of Music in Trossingen with Prof. Hugo Noth and numerous courses under Margit Kern, Klaus Paier, Mie Miki and Matti Rantanen. Performances and Collaborations include concerts at the Alte Schmiede in Vienna, the Carinthian Summer Festival, Festwochen Gmunden.

Collaborations with renowned ensembles such as Hortus Musicus, Musikfabrik Sued, Carinthia Saxophone Quartet Ensemble Aoide with artists like Ellen Martin and others; Carinthian representative in cross-border Drau / Drava project, with concerts in South Tyrol, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia; interdisciplinary projects with the Dance Ensemble Skunk, the dancer Anna Hein (The swimmer – Text by Josef Winkler), “Viel – o Sophie” – Jandl, literature programm with music and many others. His performances were also part of several radio programs, including a portrait in the radio show “Zeitton” in Austrian Broadcasting Company ORF Ö1; Awards and Recognitions: 2003 Winner of the “Club Carinthia Music Prize”.


Sonja Leipold – Harpsichord & Piano

Sonja Leipold (* 1983 in Villach, Austria) studied flute and piano at the Mozarteum, Salzburg (BA in 2005 and 2006) and harpsichord & basso continuo with A. Campagne at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Masters degree with distinction in 2011).

Focusing on early and contemporary music, she regularly performs as a soloist, a continuo player and member of various ensembles for early and contemporary music at renowned concert festivals all over Europe and Asia.

She has received scholarships from her university, and from the Austrian ministry of culture (for her programme “Cembaloperspektiven”), was finalist in the international Osaka music competition 2009, prize-winner at the international harpsichord competition 2011/Bologna, the Fidelio-competition 2012/Vienna, international Annelie de Man competition 2012/the Netherlands. In 2013 she was awarded a one-year fellowship both for her current research in Austrian baroque music and for her contribution to contemporary harpsichord repertoire.

In 2015 her “duo ovocutters” has been selected for “New Austrian Sound of Music 2016/17”. Furthermore, Sonja Leipold has had engagements at opera houses such as “Landestheater Klagenfurt”(as an assistant conductor), and “Theater an der Wien” (assistant director of studies, with N. Harnoncourt), and works as accompanist and chamber music teacher at ITAM Linz (with Emma Kirkby), ABA Gmunden, OFF Kremsmuenster and ISA Vienna. Since 2012, she is staff member of ISCM Austria, since 2015 she works as an assistant lecturer at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.


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